Students are encouraged to invite guest speakers from the area. Speakers often feature various children’s ministry art forms such as puppet shows, music performances and speakers who present exciting object lessons. The club also organizes the yearly See You at the Pole prayer event & the National
Day of Prayer at their school for any student who wants to attend. Kids for Christ is Biblically based and is open to all denominations.




Kid's for Christ is a student led Bible club that meets before school once per week.  The first Kids for Christ Bible club began ten years ago with its first club meeting at LeBleu Settlement Elementary School.  There are now weekly Kids for Christ clubs at 15 public schools across SW Louisiana. Jessica Masters leads all of the clubs in the area with the help of Angie Frazier at TS Cooley.



The Kid’s for Christ Bible Club is a voluntary, student lead, Christian club for any kindergarten through fifth grade students that meet on school campuses before school begins.  An adult volunteer along with several teacher sponsors facilitate each club meeting.  The fifth graders who participate in the weekly
club meetings do so as club officers.  Club officers assist students, volunteers and teacher sponsors during club meetings.  Officers of the Bible club are taught leadership and responsibility. Students come to meetings on a strictly
voluntary basis.

When & where does it happen?

School:  TS Cooley Elementary
Meeting Time:  Wednesdays, 7:15am-7:45am

School:  College Oaks
Meeting Time: Fridays, 7:25am-7:45am

School:  Henry Heights
Meeting Time:  Tuesdays 7:25am to 7:45am

School:  Prien Lake Elementary
Meeting Time:  Mondays 7:25am to 7:45am