My Grandpa Edwards once told my father that there would be no need for anyone to feel sorry for him when he died because he had witnessed so many inventions and world-changing events during his lifetime.  He had seen aviation become a real thing.  People flew.  He had seen the invention of the automobile, electric lights, and the telephone.  His eyes had watched the coverage of Neil Armstrong walking on the moon.  People had left the planet and had returned.  Yes, Grandpa saw so many things and he told Dad that he would have the same experience one day.

My Dad saw the refinement of all the things Grandpa had seen and much more.  He saw Skylab and the Space Shuttle.  Dad also enjoyed microwave ovens, computers, and mobile phones.  He and his generation would see supersonic flight, fuel injection engines and synthetic turf.  He saw the Astrodome, then the 8th wonder of the world, and he saw record albums turn to 8-track tape turned into cassettes, to CD’s and then into MP3’s.  That’s not to mention live streaming of video and audio over the internet.  

When I was younger, Dad told me the same thing that Grandpa had told him and I expected to see great things.  I was not disappointed.  I saw refinements to all Dad had seen and I have enjoyed the arrival of many newer things with him and Mom.  Two days ago, I drove to the DMV in Lake Charles.  My driver’s license had expired and I was going to replace it.  As I pulled into the parking place outside the DMV, I realized that I didn’t have my insurance ID cards which were necessary in order for me to renew my license.  Just 10 years ago, I would have had to call my insurance agent, a fete that I could’ve accomplished on a cell phone but only 20 years ago I would’ve had to find a payphone.  For those too young to remember, a payphone was a landline phone that was housed in a booth and was usually located outside.  After I called, I would’ve had to have driven to the agent’s office to retrieve the typed or printed cards and then I could return to the DMV to start the process towards a new license.  

Two days ago, I called my wife from my car on a smartphone.  She then called the agent who then e-mailed the cards to my phone through my e-mail account.  My wife had texted me in the meantime to inform me what was going to happen.  Within 5 minutes of my call to my wife, I had the new cards on my phone.  I presented the cards and my other information to the clerk and walked out of the DMV with my new license in less than 30 minutes.  If I had known that my insurance company provided an app for the cards, I could have been done in less time than it would have taken me to drive to the agent’s office and back.  

Further amazement awaited me because I am typing all of this blog entry on a tablet while using a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse.  At your reading of this article, I will have uploaded the file to the cloud, e-mailed the file to another person or given another individual access to the file; waited for them to download it to their computer or smartphone or more likely they will have used their phone to transfer the file to our church website.  Earlier, I streamed TV shows from Netflix to the same tablet.  

Wow!  And with all that, God is still the most amazing being.  I will never see more iterations of better and better versions.  He is already perfect.  He was magnificent and holy God before my Grandpa, and before my Dad, and before Me.  He will be the same tomorrow for my kids and for my grandkids.  I bought a hat today and it has written on the front, “Old guys rule.”  On the back it says, “The older I get, the better I was.”  With age, our minds tend to embellish who we were and what we could do.  But God truly has always been great, and He will reign forever and ever.  He needs no improvement and man cannot fully fathom His greatness.  “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever (Hebrews 13-8, ESV).”  His ways are not our ways.  Man grows, changes, and morphs.  God remains who He is.  We simply learn more about Him.

God used all givers in our church to give at a record clip in 2015.  Together, we gave more tithes and offerings than had ever been given in any other year in the church’s history.  God was glorified in the giving and in the spending of that money.  People heard the gospel and were saved when they placed their faith in Jesus.  They believed in the same Jesus as my Grandpa, my Dad, and I. As you and I look forward to 2016 and beyond, let us have great expectations at what God will reveal of Himself and let us look forward to growing in our faith and to exercising that faith. 

-Senior Pastor Randy Edwards